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Sarah's Page
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St. Paul's Cathedral/Windsor/Dover Pics

postcard pic

postcard i bought in the crypt of St. Pauls, you cant take pics inside so i did this instead, it's an awesome cathedral, better than Canterbury and Notre Dame i think

behold, the city of dirt

this is also taken from on top of st. paul's, that's the river thames and you can see the huge ferris wheel for Y2K

:0( bye bye

the famous white cliffs of Dover, a sad pic for me because we were on the ferry on the way to Callais, bye bye England :0((((


postcard pic of st. paul's cathedral, waaay to big to take pics of from the ground

i wanna get high, so hiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

bird's eye view of London from the top of the dome at St. Paul's, it's like 500-something stairs to the top and it's all centuries-old spiral staircases, i thought i was gonna die but i made it and it was worth the view

god save the queen

windsor castle, it's soo huge and it wraps around itself so it's impossible to get it all in one pic but it's beautiful, each section was built completely different so it's all mixed-matched and fun, the queen was there too

quick like a bunny!