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Sarah's Page
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France Pics

have you ever seine a prettier place? heehee, yeah, London

this is the river seine and some buildings in Paris, i dont remember, i was just taking pics, Paris isn't that cool

'allo there...

this is my new french friend, ooh la la, he gave me a lil kiss after the pic.. :0) heehee

im a gnome!

me chillin' in Louis' garden at Versailles, check out that awesome coat i bought in Piccadilly Circus at the Romanian thrift shop.. the guy ripped me off but it's ok, it was worth it

soo comfy

taking a little nappy at Versailles, too bad those french goth lesbian chicks were too far to the right to get in the pic, they were, um, fun..

heads up

another chunk of notre dame, the big famous stained glass window part

giant metal french thing

if i need to tell you what this is, leave my site and never come back

all praise the giant metal french thing

yay, it's linds again!

look, french people

one chunk of notre dame

giant metal french thing