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Sarah's Page
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Fun Pics

These are just crazy pics of buds and whatnot

i wasn't at prom, i was doing other, um, things

top from left: vicki, mindy lindsay
bottom from left: ryan, mike, greer

anyone have $6?

this is vicki! if i ever switched teams vicki would be first on my list


pre-homecoming fun, this is mike and min

eat me!

a great drawing by linds from back in da day, this drawing has been thru heck and back (including being licked by vicki)

smurf land

lil shroom pic i stole from somewhere awhile ago

psilocybin is yer friend

vicki drew me a picture :0) yay vicki!

this is my bud kate en route to the blue man group concert in Boston, click on her to go to her site

sexy bitches

vicki, mindy, lindsay at prom


this is the jellybelly man at the candy store


another awesome linds drawing, this one looks cool as poo under a blacklight