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Sarah's Page
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Fish Page

feed me so i can poop more

This is my little goldfish guy. He's supposed to be a black satin goldfish but he's not as black now as he was in this pic. Apparently they fade after awhile.
He doesn't really have a name, i just refer to him as "fish" or "who's that sexy fish?!" and he seems to like that.
I got a fish because they're quiet and easy to take care of. NO!! Wrong! This is the noisiest goddamn fish in existence. He now sleeps in the kitchen because i can't take his constant blubbing and gurgling sounds. I came quite close to flushing him a few times but sshhhh!!! dont tell him that, it'll crush his little fishy heart.
This fish also has great taste in tunes, whenever i play jimi hendrix it does something to his little fishy mind and he starts groovin' around his bowl.
Sadly, i dont think fish will be around with us much longer. He seems to have gotten that dreaded ick fish fungus stuff on his little fishy nose. I'll make sure i include updates on his failing fishy health.

well.. that was my fish, he's kinda dead now.... :0(
but i'll get a new one, i promise :0)

Blub blub blub