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Sarah's Page
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Various London Pics

hey there big fella, how you doing?

me, after the seven hour flight.. enjoying the 5 hour time difference and apple juice i spilled on my lap

ringring ringring ringring

mindy in a phone box, too bad you cant see all the little ads for phone sex stuck to the inside of the box, who has phone sex in a phone box in the middle of the city? (as far as i know, mindy was calling her mom)


this is a famous rock club, where the beatles first saw the jimi hendrix experience

genuine London street

a street... in London

cool britainia

buckingham palace

"this statue has really grown on me"

nifty statue in Trafalgar Square, it's a head being crushed by a book with a tree growing on top... in the back is the Canadian Embassy

another genuine London street, but a very special one

the oh so famous abbey road, one of the highlights of my trip

i have come to eat your peanuts, resistance is futile


my dirty ass feet after tromping around wet London all day. if Paris is the city of light, London is definitely the city of dirt, (that was mindy's bed btw.. heeheehee)

the game is afoot

this is one of the many places named after Sherlock Holmes on Baker Street, it's pretty nifty if yer into that stuff, practically the whole street is devoted to him

o' nails

also mentioned in the who album "the who sell out," it's just a cool place to get to see if you know about it

beefeaters are cool

changing of the guard, i think everyone should get a parade when they get off work

left, left, left right left

check out those super cool hats

that's one big friggin' clock

me in front and super tall kate in back, we's just chillin' yo

say cheese

lindsay in Trafalgar Square

all you need is love, do do do

the abbey road sign... it's all full of poop from beatles fans but it says abbey road under there somewhere

postcard pic

this is a postcard of piccadilly circus i bought, i spent soo much time there.. i think we just went there so we could hear the chick on the tube say "next stop, piccadilly, piccadilly"

Bitch, why you gotta be busting my flava